Workshop Overview

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the entire world. This is an example of a ‘black swan’ event where much is unknown now and in the future. As a tech entrepreneur, you would have felt the impact of it personally, professionally, financially and more. But have you really stopped to understand, reflect, analyse, release and then get creative with our wonderful minds as to where to from here? This is your chance to be guided through a wellbeing process to get your headspace into solution / creative mode.


President of Good Startups

Will Joseph

Will is passionate about seeing individuals and communities flourish. Combining his skills in facilitation, human-centered design, community development, entrepreneurship, and pastoral care- Will loves to come alongside all types of individuals and organizations to facilitate their growth. He began his journey developing training and operational programs in the corporate world, stopped in Asia to support and connect hundreds of cause-driven startups, and cofounded many endeavors; most notably CO.STARTERS which helps vibrant communities around the world serve non-traditional starters. Based in Tennessee (USA), Will adores his wife and two boys. Together they enjoy travel, storytelling, community, discovering new things, and beauty in all its forms.


Vazishta Antia

Vazi is enthusiastic about building wellbeing & resilience in the New Zealand community, especially within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. She will be facilitating this project with Will, while continuing to provide support post programme via her voluntary role at Athena X Ventures (a soon to be launched platform for women and diverse entrepreneurs in New Zealand). Vazi is an experienced Product Development leader with a demonstrated history of working in the startup and cosmetics industry. She has held many roles in New Zealand and London, and comes from a strong background in commercialisation of science and technology. She holds a Master’s Degree in BioScience Enterprise from University of Auckland. Moving back from London recently, she is now residing in Auckland and working with Douglas Pharmaceuticals. She has two dogs (Alfie and Sheeba) that keep her entertained during this lockdown period in New Zealand!


Sabrina Nagel

Having worked at the intersection of innovation, technology and education for the last decade, seeing connections and synergies where others do not and adding unlikely perspectives is one of my core strengths. My passion for education, entrepreneurship and sustainability is being combined in my current role at Auckland University of Technology. An experienced CO.STARTERS facilitator and trainer, I am working on a number of initiatives ranging from the future of education to setting up a strong support structure encouraging students to start their own businesses. As a mother of seven-year-old twin girls, I noticed first-hand the positive effects of unstructured play and based on leading-edge research from the fields of neuroscience and child-psychology, I co-founded Ako. Ako is a future-focused, play-based primary school that provides a learning environment immersed in nature and puts children at the centre of their own learning. Working with students and young adults and having my own children, made me realise that we have to pay more attention to our wellbeing to be able to show up in life. When I did the Good Startups programme a couple of years ago, it was so transformational for me that I wanted to be able to share it with others.

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